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Announcing Geckodataset: Dataset Push CLI


Hi all, as I mentioned previously in Go Geckobaord Library , I had taking time to work on a library, called Geckodataset, which provides a commandline tool for pushing MongoDB based collection data to Geckoboard Dataset API.

Officially the tool allows you to collect and process records from the following:

  • A JSON File
  • A Directory of JSON Files
  • MongoDB Database Collection (Also saves to another Collection processed data, if desired)

To push data to your Geckoboard dataset. It provides flexibility in that you can either use a javascript file like in here or a binary file built with any runtime of your choice, to process JSON records into aggregated data for displaying through the Geckoboard Widget library.

I hope you find it useful, if any issues or problems, please raise issues on the Issues on Github.

All the best. :slight_smile:


Hey @influx6, this looks really great! I can see that you put a lot of time and attention into making this :slight_smile: It looks super useful and in fact some customers have asked us in the past if we have a tool to push their Mongo data to a Dataset! Thanks again for your work on this and sharing it here! :tada:


Indeed, am very glad that others would find it very helpful. Thanks for the response as well. Cheers.