Best and worst dashboards from movies and TV

Have you noticed any great or terrible dashboard examples in movies or on TV? If so, share them here!

Here’s one from The Cabin In The Woods:

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Whatever ‘The Facility’ is up to they seem to be extremely data-driven. And there’s pretty good glanceability on those vital signs.

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Good grief! Lots of opportunity to factor out repetition on this dashboard. Each person doesn’t need their own map. Definitely looks the part though!


The dashboard in Monster’s Inc is definitely one of my favourites. It has a clear purpose and presents the data clearly. Credit to whoever at Monster’s Inc decided to install it!

Perhaps they could have broken the timeframes down, and had leaders of the week versus all time. A chart of scares by day would also have shown if the team were improving as a whole. Poor Gerson’s completely out of the picture now. I also can’t help but think they could have arranged it to make use of those 6 empty TVs.

Pixar did a great job with the slightly steampunk vibe. Nixie tubes always look great!

(Picture credit: Pixar fandom)


Rewatched Jurassic World the other evening with my kids (honest!) and saw this:

(Picture credit: Rudy Vessup, interactive designer)

I enjoyed the red flat-line viz which appears when someone on the security team is eaten :joy:


This is the Mission control dashboard from The Martian

It’s a bit of a horrorshow.

  1. Too much visual clutter. Each section of the dashboard having spacing and an inner and outer border is distracting, not to mention those gradient backgrounds!!!

  2. Not good at distance. There is some tiny text on there considering how far the technicians are from the screen.

  3. Red is the accent colour but it’s used inconsistently and seemingly at random.

Better luck next time Hollywood NASA


What are those equations doing there in that top left table?!

I’d loved to have been a fly on the wall in the planning meeting for the flat line heart state!