Best ways to create a sense of progress and satisfaction with dashboards?

I’m looking for a way to engage my team with our company goals and show when we are hitting these. I want the company goals to be as clear as possible on our dashboard so that everyone knows where we are at. I have included our targets as text but does anyone have any other recommendations?

Hi @sid
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Depending on what you are tracking our goals function on a number widget can be a great tool for showing progress towards a top level goal :point_down:
Screenshot 2020-03-19 at 10.38.44
Goals can also be applied to line graphs, bar charts and column charts depending on your data source.

Seeing progress towards targets will definitely help create a sense of satisfaction for your team.

Text widgets are useful to show goals and key milestones but can use up valuable space on your dashboard so I would suggest using the goal function where possible to save space for your most important metrics.

Are you able to share the main goals you’re trying to highlight to your team?

Yes - I’m tracking MRR today and for the month, signups, NPS, customer feedback comments, visitors and total customers. Thanks for the tip. I’m going to give it a go adding goals to signups and MRR for the month.