📚 BOOK CLUB: Change - Win a copy of 'Who moved my cheese?' by Dr Spencer Johnson 📚

The July book club theme is change. The world is going through such a huge number of changes right now we felt it was a good topic to discuss. We’d like to hear about reads you would recommend for dealing with change, adapting to change, thriving through change and more. Tell us about the books that have helped you move forward.

We are giving away 3 x copies of ‘Who moved my cheese?’ by Dr Spencer Johnson, a very popular book among the team here at Geckoboard.

Pop a couple of lines into the thread to let us know which books you would suggest to help anyone going through changes, either at work or in their personal life.

Here’s an example answer from Thaisa our VP of People Operations at Geckoboard. No surprises, she’s recommending the prize book - we love it!

Recommending : Who Moved My Cheese?
Why: During pretty much every major change event in my life, my well-thumbed copy comes off the bookshelf and is my guide, mentor, and a reminder that a) the change will be ok, and b) I can move with the changes. It’s easy to get scared when your surroundings (look at what has happened this year!) change suddenly. This book, with its relatable characters, great storytelling and continual reference to cheese (one of my main food groups) has shown me that no matter what type of change comes my way, by remembering the writing on the wall, I can take control, and don’t need to be scared of what’s around the next corner.

We will pick our three favourite answers and send out a copy of ‘Who moved my cheese?’ in the mail to each of the winners. To be in with a chance of winning one of the three copies, please leave your suggestions below before Friday 7th August. The winners will be announced here after the closing date.

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Recommending: The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything…Fast by Josh Kaufman
Why: For anyone who has a long-overdue list of goals and skills they haven’t yet got around to acquiring, read this book because this book tells you how to use the initial learning time to maximum effect and have as steep a learning curve as possible.


Recommending: Blue Ocean
Why: A great book for looking at what your company does and looking for opportunities. Whether that means changes to existing practices or completely devising new ones. Another one I highly recommend.


This competition is now CLOSED :blue_book:

Thanks so much for your entries @Issa_Goran and @Mslowiak you are both winners! A couple of awesome book club recommendations that we will definitely be adding to our library. I’m sending you both a private message now to arrange your copies of ‘Who moved my cheese’ to be sent out.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next Made to Measure community book club where we’ll be giving away more great prizes :tada: :books: :trophy:

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