📚 BOOK CLUB: Communication - Win a temperature controlled mug 📚

If you’re anything like us, you’ll love hearing what other people are reading and what inspires them. That’s why we’ve started a book club in the community, with a different topic covered each month, so we can build up an inspiring reading list on a range of topics. We’ll also be giving away prizes…

To kick off the first community book club thread, we’ll be discussing a topic that’s more important now than ever: communication.

Can you tell us about a book that’s changed the way you communicate with your team?

  • Why would you recommend this book?
  • How has it changed the way you communicate?
  • Add a link to purchase the book if available

Here’s an example from our VP of People Ops, Thaisa…

Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life by Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD

Why would you recommend this book?

If you think of language as a key, and communication as being able to open a door, this book gives you insight into how to craft your own master key, not only in how to open many more doors, but understand that door’s construction, design, and purpose.

How has it changed the way you communicate?

Marshall describes how words are used to hurt or harm for many different reasons, hence violent communication. His book has made me more aware of my vocabulary and its purpose, made me more reflective of why I use the words I do, and reasserted the importance of self empathy and compassion.

Available to purchase on Amazon

The person with our favourite answer will win a temperature controlled mug (worth $99.95) from our lovely customers at Ember to enjoy alongside a good book. Submit your book to the club by replying to this thread before Thursday 30th April. The winner will be announced here after the closing date.


I would have to go for an obvious one: How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie.

Why would you recommend this book?

It’s a great starting point for books on communication. A lot of what is discussed feels like common sense but it gives some good rules with emphasis on being considerate and sincere. Personally I like the section that’s about working on leadership and earning the respect of your team rather than expecting it or forcing it.

How has it changed the way you communicate?

I realised that I wasn’t always going to be in control of communication (as a leader) and that I should proactively let team members lead our conversations in order for them to grow. I have certainly taken on the positive elements of this book, there are times when they don’t come as naturally as I’d like (during demanding and stressful weeks) so I like to check myself… Am I smiling? Am I asking others about themselves and how they are doing during this time? Am I beginning conversations with praise? Do I follow up with encouragement?

Will be great to see recommendations from other folks here!


One that I just finished and loved is DECISIVE by Chip Heath & Dan Heath

Why would you recommend this book?

I think this book will help you become more decisive (hence the name, I’m assuming) but I have found it has also greatly helped my communication skills. It’s especially helped me when working on problems as a pair or a group.

How has it changed the way you communicate?

This book has help me look at decisions in several new ways. Because of this change in my mindset, I’ve also found that it has changed the way that I communicate. Communication is a two way street so as I’m listening to others, I’ve been able to look at their perspective from several different angles outlined in the book. Then when I’m communicating back to them, I’m able to frame their perspective and also challenge the individual or team with a new way to look at the problem. For example, one subject in the book is taking a step back from the problem and looking “at the forest instead of the trees”. Being able to zoom in and out of specific topics often leads us to new ideas and solutions.

Available to purchase at: https://www.amazon.com/Decisive-Make-Better-Choices-Life/dp/B00B3Z5QFK/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=decisive&qid=1587616960&sr=8-1


Thank you both for your answers in our first ever Made to Measure book club. I am very pleased to announce that @Josh.Davis.1023 has won the prize, a temperature controlled mug! We loved that your recommendation gave you the ability to the look at things differently and see the forest, not just the trees. I’ll send you a direct message to get your details and we’ll get your prize sent out to you soon.

This competition is now closed, please keep your eyes peeled for the next community book club.

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missed the Deadline… However have an excellent book for all WFH workers like myself… it available on Amazon and free if you have a kindle or Prime account.

it Highly Productive Remote Work: A Pragmatic Guide Kindle Edition

by Darius Foroux (Author) Format: Kindle Edition

Its very well written and in way which make easy understanding, also its not focused on one main stratergy but various ways to suite different type of work mentalities…

Too late for a fantastic Mug but hopefully good recommendation for somebody.



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