Building First Contact Resolution visualizations for Zendesk

We’re sometimes asked if it’s possible to create First Contact Resolution (aka 1-touch resolution) visualisations for Zendesk in Geckoboard.

The answer is that while we don’t currently support FCR as a metric in our Zendesk data source, there’s indeed a way to get FCR data from Zendesk on to Geckoboard. So I wanted to share that tip with our community.

The way to achieve it is through a couple of triggers in your Zendesk account.

  • Trigger #1 a trigger that tags tickets that are solved and have a single interaction with an agent.
  • Trigger #2 a trigger that removes the tag if a new contact occurs.

Finally, you just need to filter by that trigger.

This support article explains the entire process in detail. I hope it’s helpful :grinning:

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