Chromecast setup



We are using several chromecast to project different geckoboard loops to different screens.
When we cast to each screen you have to be in full screen mode first (and then cast, by using a shortcut key). This doesn’t cost any problems.

But since chrome has been updated to this latest version where you no longer can use shortcuts to open chromecast which means that we no longer can cast in full screen. This makes all the geckoboards look silly since they get these scrollbar on each sides.

Has anyone else had experienced with chromecast, and how to solve this problem?

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Hey @phong, sorry you’re having trouble with this. We gave it a try in the office but we didn’t notice any issues. We are using an older version of the Chromecast, so perhaps that’s why we couldn’t reproduce. Would you be able to make a quick video showing the issue? Maybe that would help us understand better :slight_smile: You can send it to (and just mention Jason or this thread) or perhaps upload it somewhere first, then share the link?


Ok, Thanks. I will get back at this asap.