Code of Conduct

Our community unites dashboard users, and anyone considering dashboards, to share best practice for effective data communication and help everyone grow their business.

Please do:

  1. Be nice. Be respectful, polite and welcoming to fellow community members.

  2. Tell us about yourself. Take a few moments to introduce yourself here.

  3. Share your experiences. We want to learn from each other and help everyone grow their business. By sharing your stories of success, failure, and anything else you’ve learnt you can spark ideas and help others avoid the same mistakes.

  4. Word questions clearly. Writing concisely and being descriptive will help you get better answers from the community. Don’t forget, you can include images to illustrate a point.

  5. Search for your question. There’s a good chance that someone has already asked your question, so there may be an existing thread on the topic. Use the search box to check for your question, and if it’s not there then start a new topic to kick off the discussion.

  6. Respect privacy. Only share content that you own or have permission to share.

  7. Have fun! Explore threads, share your knowledge and make yourself at home. It’s your community.

Please don’t:

  1. Post personal contact details or account details (including API/widget keys) publicly. Remember, the topics are open and can be viewed by anyone so your details could end up anywhere. If you do need to share some personal details or account details with a moderator or staff at Geckoboard, only do so in a Private Message.

  2. Disrespect anyone. Abuse won’t be tolerated.

  3. Misrepresent yourself. Whatever company, brand, or vendor you’re from you’re welcome to join the community. Just be clear and transparent so everyone knows who you are.

  4. Use malicious or harmful behaviour. It’s unacceptable to post malicious links or spam, or to interfere with the forum’s operation.

  5. Bump threads or repeat your post. Bumping makes things harder to find and can make threads difficult to follow. Posting the same content in two places has the same effect, as people don’t know where to reply.

  6. Use this forum to reach our Support team. For the quickest response to your support-related query please contact us via or start a web chat.

Reporting inappropriate behaviour

Please flag any inappropriate posts by hitting the flag icon on the bottom left of a post – this will report the post to a moderator. A post with three flags will automatically be hidden.

The 3 strikes system

We use the three strikes system as a fair way to deal with people who are making our community an unpleasant place.

  1. First strike: we’ll give the person a friendly, but public reminder that the behavior is inappropriate according to our guidelines
  2. Second strike: we’ll send the person a private message with a warning that any additional violations will result in removal from the community
  3. Third strike: depending on the violation, we may need to terminate or ban the offending account.

Other guidelines

  • Obvious spammers will be banned straight away, otherwise we’d have spam all over the place.
  • Violations will be written off after 6 months of good conduct, – we don’t hold grudges.
  • People who commit minor infractions will get some feedback, rather than the 3 strikes treatment.
  • The rules apply equally to everyone in the community, no matter how much you’ve contributed.
  • Extreme violations of a threatening, abusive, destructive or illegal nature will be dealt with immediately, without the 3 strikes system.