CSS Custom Themes


Hey guys, why can’t i find any custom themes for geckoboard anywhere ? It would be really cool if you guys made a theme section where people could easily share their custom CSS themes.


+1 to this

It’s hard to find a design that suits everyone’s taste.
I personnally like the default design, but I know several persons (including my boss) that don’t and would be glad to try out different skins.


Hey, thanks for bringing this up!

From our product perspective, we mostly encourage custom CSS for branding which isn’t often reusable. That said… I’d be glad to see what everyone has come up with and start a repository of stylesheets/themes.


Hey i want to apply a logo but the default theme keeps getting set to dark

is there css for the light theme so i can input a logo



Hey @arpan416 Yes, thanks for asking. You can build off of this: https://gist.github.com/jasonmendes/5fe51265e5756f9b99b4



I did some custom styling for our dashboards, and I noticed that some of these classes (fx name of widget header) sometimes have to be restyled again and again because of the css changes.

I was just wondering if we somehow could get an update or message of when these things changes, so have can prepare to style our dashboards before the change happen.

Br/ Phong


Hi @phong, thanks for asking about this, and I’m sorry for the trouble! We’d definitely like and have plans to improve the implementation and experience of our custom CSS feature.

In general we recommend that customizations be for basic branding, and to avoid modifying the visualizations, as these change often. We announce changes that affect branding via email – I’d be glad to know what customizations you’ve found affected, in case we can improve our communication there!


Hi Jason,

The custom styling which have been “reset” are:

  • The Header of the widgets
  • The color of the secondary % change
  • And somehow the gridcolors of some graphs.

They are all styled again. But thanks, a heads up would be great next time.


Hi @phong, thanks for detailing that. I’m discussing with our product and customer success teams how we can better communicate these changes.