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Dataset Columns with zero values


I would like to know if you currently support the ability to show columns in a Dataset Column chart, even when the current value for one or more of those columns is zero. It appears that in these cases the column is simply removed from the chart, which makes the chart change all the time and is undesirable.

Specifically, lets say there are four ticket states we want to show for our ticket system (and for a variety of reasons too long to go into here we dont want to use an existing connector). Since the widget updates every three minutes, we want to show a column for each of “New”, “Open”, “Pending” and “Hold” tickets - even when one of those categories become zero for a period of time as tickets change state. This way there are always four column spaces, and each column changes as tickets are processed.

Further to this, it would be good to be able to set the order of the required columns - currently the ordering is done by default alphabetically, meaning we need to call the states “1New”, “2Open”, etc (or a variant of) so that the columns always appear in the same expected position from left to right.

If this is not possible currently, can we please look to add it? An option in the widget that would allow you to set the columns to show, and the order to show them in, even if there is no value in the dataset for the aggregation of that specific value.


Hi @rob I’ve shared your feedback with our product team so they take it into account. BTW, if you are using Zendesk and can’t use our prebuilt integration, this might be an option? Zendesk Dataset program


Thank you @luis. I am moving away from the pre-built integration as it was generating over 120k API calls over a 24hr period. That matter too is under investigation by your dev team, but I cant wait as it is pushing us over our Zendesk API limit regularly. By using datasets I can generate all of the reports I need (baring a proper column graph) with just a small fraction of that in API calls.