Demonstrating use of geckoboard with customers using their data


We have recently integrated our online software product with geckoboard’s new API, and I’d like to create demonstrations of how this integration could be used to monitor their sales etc. as a sneak preview over a few weeks (hoping they would get hooked). While I could set up a single geckoboard account, and use it for all my customers this does not seem ideal: my customers are sensitive about seeing each other’s sales information! Is the only other option to get them to individually sign up for the 30-day accounts?

I have seen some links within the community forum that seem to display just one example widget or dashboard - with no option to edit but enough to take a look. It seems to be a ‘share’ option.

How have other organisations managed this?

Thanks for your contributions.



Hi @scottspence,

If I understand correctly, you’re going to build the dashboards for your customers. If that’s the case, they don’t really need admin access. You could simply create the dashboards for them and then share them using our sharing link feature or invite individual customers as read-only users to specific dashboards