Designing dashboards for remote use

Hi everyone, I have been using Geckoboard for around a year and now that our team is working remotely I wondered if you have any best practices/suggestions for dashboard lay out/design when it’s no longer on a TV screen. Has anyone here changed their dashboards for remote setups?

Hi Holly :wave:

Thanks for posting! This is a great question - ultimately, the way you are displaying your data in your dashboard shouldn’t really change. Yes, your dashboards will be viewed at much closer range so you might consider adding more information. However, a dashboard should be used to communicate key metrics rather than serve as a report. Just because it might feel you can fit more in, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

Changes to your dashboard are more likely to be the metrics you are displaying. Do you need to respond to changes in your company? Have you started tracking anything new? Have your team asked for more visibility over specific numbers?

We recently spoke to our customer Ember about changes to their ways of working. Their Customer Support team found average response time became a much more important metric during lockdown as their customers expected a much faster response.

We have shared loads of tips for using your dashboards remotely here and if your team use Slack we have details of our daily Snapshots for Slack here.

I hope this helps, let me know what you think :blush: