Different tools for working remotely

Hey, I’m thinking of writing an article on the most useful tools for working remotely during COVID19. At Geckoboard we’re using all the usual suspects:

  • Zoom. For morning ‘standup’ catchups, weekly one-to-ones with managers, screen-sharing, and Friday all-hands meetings where people from each team share what they’ve been up to.

  • Slack. For day-to-day chats, saying when we’re signing on/off or taking lunch, and for sharing dashboard screenshots from Geckoboard (of course!).

  • Monday. For managing our ongoing projects and assigning people to different tasks.

  • Miro. We use the virtual post-its for team brainstorming sessions, and for mapping out user journeys.

  • Figma. For sharing design prototypes on all kinds of projects.

  • 1password. To help us maintain security even if we’re working on a personal device at home.

Are there any lesser-known tools that you’ve found helpful whilst working from home?

Have you come up with methods for using your usual tools more effectively i.e. communication tips/ emoji systems for Slack?

Are there any particular challenges that you’d like to find a tool to help you with?

I’d love to discover some new tools that other teams may not have considered yet.


@Laura we use Klaus to monitor the quality of our support conversations. Now that everyone is working at home the team are less able to have a quick chat to help each other out responding to tickets. Our workload has increased since the coronavirus outbreak and we want to make sure that we are still delivering the highest quality support even though we are busy. Really like the peer to peer reviews for this.

We use Asana instead of Monday to manage our projects across the teams of devs and project managers.

We have been using Slack for daily chat about activities and task, Google Meet to our meetings and hangouts and to keep our sales team motivated and keep eyes on productivity indicators we are using Gamifier that connect with our Pipedrive account

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We have invested in Asana. And it’s perfect for remote working.
Livestream is also perfect for live conferencing.

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Google meet and duo is also best.
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