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Easy to set up Weather Widget


Hey there!

I like showing the current weather conditions on my dashboards, but the heroku app that was feeding my weather widgets stopped working. I submitted a pull request to fix it, but I guess the original author isn’t maintaining it anymore. But no worries, as I made my own!

Here’s a simple rails application that gets data from the openweathermap api and converts it into a format that you can use with the “Text” custom widget.

To run your own (for free!), click this link to deploy a copy to Heroku.

When that’s done, you’ll have a link that looks something like “”. This is what you’re going to use for the “URL data feed” for your text widget.

You’ll need to register a free account on to get an API key, and you’ll want to set Reload Time in the widget settings to 2.5 hours if you want to stay within the activity limits of the Heroku free tier.

I hope this proves useful to someone!

Proper Weather Widget 🌤

Hey @aduane ! Thanks so much for sharing this here and for your work :slight_smile: Would you be up for sharing a quick screen shot of what it looks like on a dashboard?


You bet!
Here the current weather in Seattle, WA:

And here’s my widget configuration: linked for size


Thanks for sharing that @aduane ! :slight_smile:


This is fantastic! Thank you!

Have any thoughts on moving it away from the Legacy Text Custom Widget?


This was very usefull. It took me like 10 minutes to set up the weather on my dashboard. Thank you for this! It is AWESOME!


Hi @espagnol01, @aduane
can you tell me how you got it to work.

I got my API key from creating an open weather app account then clicked on github and herokuapp to create an app for weather.

Inserted the

  • API
  • weather search string ID
  • then put metric.

I inserted the link to my geckoboard but nothing shows up.

I’d really appreciate it if you could help me out with any screen prints or steps im missing.

Thank you greatly.


Sorry for the delayed response. Busy week!
Can you show me what these screens look like for you? (With the sensitive bits blanked out.)

1: Heroku Application Config Variables

2: Geckoboard Widget Configuration

3: Heroku Application Response