Embedding your dashboard into Zendesk

If you and your team use Zendesk, a handy way to put your team’s key metrics right where they spent most of their time is to embed your (Geckoboard) support dashboard in the ticket view in Zendesk. This might be particularly relevant if your support team is distributed.

To embed Geckoboard in Zendesk:

  1. With an open Zendesk session, navigate to the Iframe Ticket Sidebar app page in the app directory and click Install .
  2. With the app’s setup page open, give the app a Title that describes it (i.e. “Team Metrics”).
  3. Switch to Geckoboard, then find and copy your share link.
  4. Return to Zendesk, paste your share link into the iframe URL field
  5. Choose an iframe Height . We recommend changing this value to 300px or 400px to allow room for full visualizations to be displayed.
  6. Save the changes and complete the app’s installation.
  7. Finally, adjust the location of the app to bring it to the top, or at least close to it, so that your agents can access it without needing to scroll.
  8. And that’s it! Your key metrics are now in front of everyone in your team.

Thanks for this @luis very helpful particularly, as you say, for remote teams.

Has anyone else found any other ways of sharing their dashboard in a similar way? Do you use Iframe to embed your dashboards in other tools you use? We’d love to know… :thinking:

Hey @sam and everyone, I’d like to chime in and share another place you can view your dashboard with just a Share link, and that place is Notion.

For those unfamiliar, Notion is a unified workspace tool, you can use to write, plan, collaborate, organize, and more, with fantastic UX/UI and flexibility at the forefront.

And as part of that flexibility, Notion’s embed feature enables users to embed almost any online content, and that includes embedding a Geckoboard dashboard via a Share link.

If you have a Notion account, all you’d need to do is copy and paste the Share link into a Notion page, and select “Create embed” from the drop-down menu that automatically appears.

To help illustrate, you can view this quick screencast example. I also included a GIF version of the screencast here below:

Once Notion loads your embedded dashboard, you now have access to the full functionality of Notion and Share links in one place.

For instance, you can add comments and captions to your dashboard in Notion, and use the full-screen button available in a Share link, to view your dashboard in full-screen mode.

And if anyone’s interested in giving this a try, Notion recently made their Personal plan forever free, as detailed on their page here.

You can also take a peek at this example page, I made available through my Notion account.

(But please note, this example is view-only.)

I hope this proves helpful :blush:


I found that you can embed Geckoboards dashboards into the project collaboration tool Confluence. The steps to do this are here: https://support.geckoboard.com/hc/en-us/articles/360009220858

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I also found that you can embed Geckoboards dashbaords into the online collaborative whiteboard Miro and the steps to do this are documented here: https://support.geckoboard.com/hc/en-us/articles/360009385238

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