Gauge visualisation, does it work for revenue?

Working on a new dashboard here and wanted to get some feedback on gauge visualisations. When do they work best?

I am considering using a gauge to report revenue for the month, I’ve made an example (not our actual rev) but I’m not sure if this is the best way of showing this data on my dashboard.

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Yes it does work. I also use it for daily product sales. It helps employees strive to hit targets


Hi @tannermike :wave:

That’s a great question and one we hear relatively often. Truth is it depends, but to keep track of revenue as a single value, I’d personally recommend a number visualisation instead.

That is because goals are usually clearer on a number (and goals are often an important component of single values).

For example, let’s say that your goal is adding £200K of new revenue in May.

The number widget on the left is probably better for the job as through it you can see how much you have added so far (£14K) and how far into the goal you are (7%). All at a glance.

In other words, progress towards your goal is clearer that way (IMO).

Now, let’s say that £200K isn’t really a goal, but you are keen on being alerted if revenue drops below £120K (which give or take is what’s on your screenshot). The number widget on the right could be better for that job as it removes potential distractors and immediately highlights what is wrong/bad/worrying (which is that revenue is currently £14K).

Your specific case could be entirely different so the gauge might well be the way to go. But even then, I’d recommend only using status indicators to highlight what’s truly good/bad. As it is now there’s no gap between the positive + negative indicators, which means that the gauge would permanently be red/green which is unnecessarily eye catching. We recommend reserving the use of colour (red/green) for when you want to draw attention exclusively.

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Thanks Stephen and Luis. Good points about helping employees strive for targets and also using red and green only to highlight when things are good or bad. Will test both with the team and see which works best.