Geck-o-meter red instead of green goal


Is there a way to specify a red ‘goal’ instead of a green goal via the api? We have metrics that are in good shape when they are lower and as they approach a limit things get bad. I’d like to be able to specify a ‘goal’ or ‘threshold’ where the geck-o-meter is red.

Have a RAG geck-o-meter might be a nice option as well.


Hey @hmcfletch, thanks for asking about this. I agree, it’d be a useful feature to be able to control this. In the mean while, you can use custom CSS to change the color of the goal:

.geckometer .goal-path {
  stroke: red;

Let me know if you need a hand getting this applied to your dashboard!


We have some geck-o-meters that actually use the green goal. Is there a way to apply the red stroke it to a single widget?


Hey @hmcfletch, if you’d like to only apply the red stroke to specific geck-o-meters, you can prefix the rule with the widget’s ID. Just right-click on the widget on your dashboard, choose ‘Inspect’ (or ‘Inspect Element’) and then find the CSS ID:

You’d then change the CSS rule to be:

#widget-16378491 .geckometer .goal-path { stroke: red; }

And if you want to add the same red color to a few different geck-o-meters, just find their IDs too, and you can do:

#widget-13234129 .geckometer .goal-path,
#widget-17351290 .geckometer .goal-path,
#widget-16378491 .geckometer .goal-path { 
  stroke: red; 


Awesome. Thanks. Did exactly what I needed.


Is there a way to set the “goal” value of a geck-o-meter via API? I have data that is updated constantly, and as the numeric data increases/decreases in value so will the “goal” value.

Having to make the adjustment manually kinda sucks!


Hi Izzy,

I’m afraid that there isn’t a programmatic (through the API) way to do this currently. I understand your frustration (in that, I’ve found this cumbersome as well) – it’s something we’d like to implement in the future but we aren’t yet sure when that would be. If you have any further feedback about it, or ideas of what you’d like to see, that’d be useful :slight_smile: