Geck-o-meter with goals


It seems like the goal parameter must be set static for geck-o-meter.
However since we are pushing in data we would like to include this param as well since this would vary in our case.
Is there any workaround for this?


Hi Niklas,

I misread your post, and have edited my response:

You cannot change the goal param dynamically. The goal param overrides any secondary stat you provide to it. I can add this to our list of feature requests, but as we are a small team, I cannot guarantee when or if we will get to adding this feature.

The closest thing to a work around would be to not use the goal option, and instead just use the “max”:{“value”:} in your JSON, like so:

{ "item": 23, "min": { "value": 10 }, "max": { "value": 100 } }

You can change “max”:{“value”:} with each push to your widget.

I created a dashboard to highlight the differences between these two option here (the only noticable one being you don’t get the large number at the bottom of the widget):

On the left is a Geck-o-meter that does not use the goal option, and on the right is a Geck-o-meter that does.

If that is unclear, please let me know.

I’m sorry I could not be of more help.



OK I suspected that was the case but thanks for the answer anyway.
And please put in your list of feature request. I think you would like to control that param dynamically in many cases.
We will recalculate our values to percentage for now. Then a static goal value will work fine.



I’d like to second this feature request being added to the list. nicodemus did a great job of working around this via the percentage format, but my customers want to see a specific numeric value.

btw you guys rock! Please keep up the good work :slight_smile: