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Hi, in my company we’re looking for a KPI solution and I’m not quite sure if this fits on our requirements.

I’ve been reading some docs but still have some doubts:
1.- With GB Kpis I have to create them and the only way to access them is thougth the GB site, isn’t it? Am I able to integrate them in my website in some way, like an iframe or something?

2.- In case the only way to acces them is througth GB site, is there any way i can make them private per user and avoid the user to login against GB?



Hi @matiaskusack!

Thanks for posting! :slight_smile:

  1. Once you’ve set up your dashboards, you can use Sharing URLs to display them on any browser. Here’s an example Marketing Dashboard:

You don’t need to have user accounts or use logins to view Sharing URLs. You can simply access them from your browser.

Further, you can also restrict access to the Sharing URLs by IP.

More details on Sharing URLs and IP restrictions can be found here:

  1. Ideally, your Geckoboard dashboards would be displayed on wall-mounted TV screens in your office. This helps you and your team focus on your KPIs and monitor your business.

It’s possible though to embed the dashboards within iFrames. You can find more details here:


I hope this clarifies things a bit, Matías. I’d love to personally help you with any more questions you have. Could you drop me a line at and we can take this further?