Geckometer on Mixpanel data



I already tested Mixpanel data on different widgets.
However I wonder if the Geck-o-meter is available for Mixpanel data, too?
For me it makes sense to compare an event count against a goal. Did I oversee something?



Hey @ploner, thanks for reaching out about this! Unfortunately we don’t have that visualization available in our Mixpanel integration at the moment, but I do agree that it would be great to add. While we aren’t sure yet when we would add this visualization, would it benefit you for the moment to have a goal field in the Mixpanel number widgets?


Hi Jason,

thanks for the reply. Having the goal field would definitely help!



Hey @ploner, I’ve just made available the goal field for all Mixpanel Number widgets :slight_smile: (the other visualization types feature this, too). I hope this is helpful for you, and let me know if you have any further feedback!