HipTest integration


Can we get hiptest integration please?
Hiptest is a continuous test management platform with native support for Behavior Driven Development.

They have an api but currently no major dashboarding tools include them except for an open source call smashing


Thanks for taking the time to let us know about data sources you’d like to integrate with your dashboard!

I’ve passed your feedback on to our product team for their consideration. If you could provide more details of what metrics you’d like to show and how you’d want to visualize this, it would definitely be helpful for the decision-making process.

In the meantime, there are some other methods to show your (HipTest) data on the dashboard without a specific integration. Perhaps one of these would work for your needs.

Seeing that they have an API for some metrics, i’d recommend checking out Datasets in particular, and if you don’t have a developer that can help with that, thereis a company called Saasler that has helped some customers with bespoke integrations, you’ll find their details under Third-Party Tools