How do I represent an empty datetime field?


I’m trying to add some datetime fields to my dataset, however these are milestone dates, so they may or may not exist for any given row. I’ve tried a few variations of null etc. but everything is rejected with some form of the following error:

The supplied value for "won_time" is not a datetime: <nil>

Do I have to do something like default these dates to the epoch and then filter with greater than in my widgets? Seems goofy when really I just need an empty field.



Thus far I’ve implemented the epoch solution, but that makes “all time” filters unusable as it will then count deals that haven’t actually met the milestone as they are listed as at the epoch


Hi @kirps as you’ve noticed, date and datetime fields don’t currently support NULL values.

Silly question, is not sending those rows and/or sending them only once they exist an option?


I could filter the rows, but that would prevent me from doing any comparisons between pre-milestone deals and those after etc.

I’d also likely have to expand my datasets from something like “deals” to “won deals”, “pending deals”, “lost deals”, “churned deals” etc. you get the idea. It would work but its quite a bit of management overhead as opposed to having a null date


Hi @kirps thanks for clarifying. I’ll go ahead and pass your feedback to our product team so it can be reviewed and taken into consideration for future updates.
That said, I’m afraid this isn’t something we’d look at imminently.