How is COVID19 affecting your ecommerce business and the metrics you track?

We have noticed that a lot of our ecommerce customers are experiencing big changes with everything happening in the world right now. We want to make sure that we have the resources to guide ecommerce businesses through this time with effective dashboards. If you are in ecommerce we’d love to hear from you.

  • What metrics are you tracking?
  • Have you adapted your dashboards to reflect the recent changes?
  • How are you tackling the challenges your business is facing?

Hello @nils

We are a cookware brand who sell direct and in department stores in the UK. Since the outbreak we have seen our retailer sales stop entirely. On the other hand we have never been busier with direct sales via our website. We have fewer staff in the warehouse, for their own safety, so things are much slower there. This has changed the way we are operating and also the metrics we are focused on.

In order to manage customer expectations we are much more focused on time to delivery. We are updating our website with a coronavirus banner to explain the current situation and with guideline timeframes for delivery. Keeping a very close eye on stock levels and top selling items so that, where possible, we can ensure we have the stock most in demand.

I hope this helps! Mike