Is a Dashboard Vertical Setting in Geckoboard or a TV Setting?


Hi All, I have a Dashboard which I want to display vertically due to the lack of space for a horizontal TV.

Is the setting in Geckoboard or do is it the TV setting that determines the view?



Hey Martin, thanks for asking about this. Do you mean that you’d like to use a traditional landscape/horizontal TV as a portrait/vertical display? If so, in that case it should be the TV/display software that would rotate the display for you.

I’d be glad to hear how it goes getting it set up :slight_smile:


Hi Martin.

I used 5 columns wide 9 rows tall.

Had to fiddle a bit with the Chrome OS settings to rotate the screen, but worked like a charm from there.

As Jason said I’d guess most TVs/monitors have settings to rotate their screen/menus too.

Every once in a while the monitors gets out of sync and can’t render the screen correctly, but I just turn off the monitor and turn it back on.

Good luck!