Is NPS the best metric to track for customer satisfaction?

I’m using NPS to see top level customer satisfaction for my software business. Does anyone have suggestions for other metrics to keep an eye on customer satisfaction with the product over time? I’m currently asking customers to score at 6 months and 12 months.

Hi Sid, I run a software business too and likewise monitor our NPS (alongside last month’s figure to give the team context). Here are some other product-satisfaction metrics we’re tracking:

  • No. of bugs identified vs bugs solved. This shows us how well we’re tackling customers’ problems
  • No. of feedback clicks - we recently launched a new product so we temporarily introduced a feedback button. The number of clicks shows us how the product is going down, and whether people are engaging with it full stop
  • Percentage of customers who used a new feature. When we launch a new feature, this gives us a good sense of how useful it’s deemed to be

Hope this helps, and I’m interested to hear what else product teams are tracking.

@sid do you currently track CSAT? We use this as a measure for support team responses to our users but you could also use it to check satisfaction with the product. Another one that our team like is customer feedback from Zendesk. Good way to see exactly what customers are saying and nice for the team when it’s positive.

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