Making a Dashboard screen rotate through Local weather forcast for certain locals


Hi all, we have an issue here with a lack of relevance with Home page and Emails sent to customers in global locals. To help highlight the problem, it would be really useful to set up one of the dashboard screens to rotate through the local homepage, the local weather forecast at that local, the last email sent to that local, then moving on, Has anyone done something like this before?


Hi Daniel,

You can use a Chrome extension like such as Revolver to accomplish that –

Revolver will rotate between the open tabs in the window, so you could open a tab for your Geckoboard dashboard, your Home page, and local weather forecast, etc.

Building this however into Geckoboard itself isn’t something we’ll be doing as we’re focused just on the data visualizations :slight_smile:

I’d be glad to know if Revolver fits what you were looking for!


Hi Jason.

Thank you so much for your reply. Would it be possible to make it
automatically show the local weather for the area we just launched a
marketing campaign in?


Hi Daniel,

It may be! but I don’t have a definitive answer since it’s not something Geckoboard provides – you’d need to find a weather forecast web app that integrates with your marketing campaign locations. Otherwise you could input it manually into the forecast site.


Thank you Jason, this has put me on the right track


Hi Daniel, I’m glad to hear that :slight_smile: If you find something fruitful feel free to share it here!


I will thank you Jason!