Maximum size of a spreadsheet

What is the maximum size of a spreadsheet that can be used? I have a message saying “Warning this worksheet was too large to import”

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This is a really good question. The file size limit for uploaded spreadsheets is 5MB. If you’re seeing the error message “WARNING: This worksheet is too large to import”, first check to see if the actual size of your XLSX file exceeds the 5MB limit.

That said, checking the actual file size isn’t straightforward as XLSX files use ZIP compression within them, and since plain text can be compressed considerably, a document of only 2–3MB could have an actual size when uncompressed of several hundred MB.

A good rule of thumb is that the actual size is 10 times the uncompressed file size i.e. a 2MB file would be near 20MB uncompressed. In other words, the actual file size of your XLSX document should be about 10 times the size reported on your device.

The rule of thumb should be enough for troubleshooting, but if you’re curious a more precise method for checking the actual size is explained on this GIF:

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Anyway, if your file is too large to import to Geckoboard, not everything is lost. We recommend creating a new file/document and reference only the particular cells, columns or rows that you need for your metrics using ImportRange, then use the newly created file (that contains only the data you needed) to power your Geckoboard widget(s).

We have a great article explaining how to use ImportRange for this purpose at

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Many thanks @luis! I’ve made a second spreadsheet dedicated for a subset of metrics to visualise in Geckoboard using ImportRange
The new sheet is about 15 columns and (for now) less than 500 rows… and it’s working great!

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