Multiseries bar/column charts


With the custom widgets it appears you can do multi series bar/column charts but I can’t see how to do the same with the datasets API.
Is it possible?
Would someone mind giving me a shove in the right direction?
I have the data in the dataset but I can’t seem to add the extra columns; it’s one set of numbers or the other?


Hello @ausmarkb
Currently, in our Datasets integration, it’s only possible to have multi series with our Line chart. We will be looking to add support for it on our column charts within the next few months though. I’ve shared your comments with the team here.

In the meantime, You could consider using the line chart or the multi series column chart within our Custom Widget platform. Would this work for you?

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with, I’d be happy to.

Thank you!


Thanks for the response Javier,

No a line chart wouldn’t work in this instance.
I’ll take the custom widget approach and see how it goes.

Was hoping to stick to the one approach but I need the results now so I can sell the concept to the decision makers/money spenders.

I’m a developer so I could tell them but it’ll fall on deaf ears. If I can show them the results, they’ll wet themselves so that gives me 26 more trial days to force the cleaner to bring their mop.


That also leads me to one other question.

Are you looking to provide support via datasets to all the types of widgets that you have available as custom widgets?
In time, I understand, but is it on the agenda?


That’s a good question @ausmarkb. I wouldn’t say we’re definitely going to bring across all the visualisations available for custom widgets. For example, I’m afraid that highcharts and the pie are not in the cards.
That said, multi-series bar is certainly going to come.
Other visualisations on our radar are RAG and bullet, although these might take a bit longer (than the multi-series bar chart).


So another year has passed by and we still don’t have multi-series bars in the column chart for datasets… Is there an ETA on when this will be available? The original press release back in September 2016 said it was coming very soon…

This and the lack of ability to integrate with Adobe Analytics is really getting me to question whether choosing this product was the right move or not…?!