My most wanted features


Here are my most wanted features in Geckoboard:

  • The ability to have configurable parameters within a Geckoboard account and an individual Geckoboard, these parameters could then be used inside the Poll URL or the tile title. This would help when you have designed one board that can work for multiple places i.e. A sales dashboard that can be configured differently depending on the Sales office.

  • The ability to change the Title of a tile dynamically via JSON.

  • More customized widgets for displaying multiple numbers. This is one of the slight pains when you have end users wanting to see multiple numbers within the same 1x1 tile. 1 number can be displayed easy enough, As far as I can see there is no elegant way to display 2 numbers, I’ve previously used number and secondary stat. 3 numbers can be displayed on the RAG tile, this is the best way to display however the colours maybe confusing. 4 numbers can be displayed on the leaderboard but again this could become confusing.

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Hey Rob, I appreciate you taking the time to share this. In regard to your first two points, we’re keen to make Geckoboard’s API more flexible and allow more programmatic control over other parts of the app. Though we aren’t yet sure about the time line for this.

I’d like to hear more about you and your end users (clients?) desire to see multiple numbers within the same 1x1 widget. Could you share more about what kinds of data or metrics you/they were trying to display that this would create the best visualization? I ask because we’d be glad to take this into consideration when evaluating the visualization offerings and improvements to them.


Hi Jason,

The business I’m working for aren’t really using KPI’s for certain tiles, for example they might want a 1x1 tile displaying the 3 values number of sales today, number of sales this week, number of sales this month. In this example I’ve had to use the RAG numbers. Maybe a widget similar to the RAG numbers would suffice, however have the ability to have more lines and be able to configure the colour.

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Thanks for explaining further, Rob! I’m curious to know more about your business’ needs. That is, if you could put those 3 figures each in their own 1x1 widget, would it be a dashboard real estate/space consideration to want them all in one widget?


Hi Jason, Space is the issue here, we display the Geckoboards on a 50" TV, however the maximum number of tiles we can display is 28 (7X4). We have a lot of things to display ha!



If they don’t all need to be visible all the time does a sharing loop help with the real estate? I know we had issues here with the same thing for our Infrastructure team and a sharing loop seemed to work well for a single screen with lots of data.


+1 for dynamic titles on tiles - an example use case I have is showing the current week in a sales period in the title, with the data for that week inside the tile. At the moment, I’m working around this by putting the week number in the name of one of the data points pulled in from a spreadsheet.

Anyone else using Box to store spreadsheets?

+1 for hyperlinked widgets. We have many systems containing data, often with their own displays of detailed info. We are now building a Geckoboard dashboard as a primary uniting place for our key metrics. It would be really neat to be able to drill in to other systems to get more detail about something displayed in a Geckoboard widget, or even to drill in to a more detailed Geckoboard dashboard focused on that aspect of the business.

A concrete example would be displaying a headline renewal rate for a subscription product in a number widget; clicking through to the subscriptions renewal system to see which customers have renewed, who is pending renewal, who has made a decision not to renew, who owns the next actions etc,

Workaround for now would be to have a text widget next to each data display widget - in most cases taking up twice as much real estate. Perhaps the title for widgets could contain an HTML subset allowing links to be embedded? Or even a new field alongside the title for every widget allowing a hyperlink to be associated with clicking on all or a defined area of the widget?

Anyone else using Box to store spreadsheets?