Open sourced: Calibre / Geckoboard integration using Datasets API


Hi all! :wave:

I’m Ben, the founder of Calibre ( — A web performance monitoring tool. I’ll spare you the product pitch now, but I’d definitely encourage you to take a look at Calibre if you’re interested in making the web faster. :dancer:

Last week we released (and open sourced) an app that pushes Calibre metrics received from a webhook to Geckoboard! (Using the Datasets API).

^ An example dashboard using Calibre metrics.

The code is written in ES6 / Modern JavaScript. We recommend that people deploy this app using the one-click ‘Deploy to heroku’ button, so if you’re interested in learning how to do that, this might be an interesting repo for you to checkout.

Otherwise, if you’re looking to push some custom metrics into Geckoboard using Datasets, this is probably the repository that you want to fork! :fork_and_knife:

Happy Dashboarding! :bar_chart: