People Operations/HR Recruitment Example Dashboards - May 2020

Hi everyone!

So this week I have another great Geckoboard HR / People Ops recruitment dashboard example to show you.

What’s this recruitment dashboard example for?

  • Hiring Teams – our interviewers and hiring managers are easily able to get a sense of how many people we’re talking to and what stages candidates are at, without digging through our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or having access to candidate information they don’t need. (Which also cuts down on those “how are we doing” slack messages!). We also add a box for upcoming onsite interviews to keep everyone posted on who’ll be visiting the office.

  • Onboarding – keeping in mind who’s about to join makes sure that we’re ready and is also a way to celebrate the ‘win’ of hiring of new Geckoboarders. For hiring managers with multiple roles this also keeps new Geckoboarders top of mind.

  • Keeping us up to date with our key metrics on:

    • Days to hire – This is once we have a candidate in the pipeline. We’re mindful of everyone’s time, in particular for competitive engineering roles you want this number low.
    • Days to fill role – From launching the role to having a new team member accept our offer. If this number creeps up, it’s usually an indication of issues with the hiring process.
    • Offer acceptance rate – Always awesome to see this number at 100% or close to. The number dropping could be an indicator that something hasn’t gone well during the candidate experience.
    • Number of candidates withdrawing in stages after the initial culture calls – we encourage self-selection so during the culture call we do our best to answer as many questions and provide more context to our advert which is why withdrawal rates following the call are so important to us, if they’re high it could be an indicator we’re moving too slowly or a bad candidate experience. (We also look at withdrawal rates early on which might be a mismatch between an advertisement and what’s being described).
    • Where are candidates coming from — this gives us an idea of how people are reaching us and where we’re having success.

What information is on this recruitment dashboard example, and where does it come from?

  • We’ve built this dashboard using Google Sheets based on data we’ve analysed from Lever (our ATS).

How did this recruitment dashboard example come about?

  • This dashboard has been iterated upon many times but began with a few key needs:
    • Keeping our hiring teams in the loop on progress for their roles.
    • Keeping us mindful of information about our candidate experience and painting a picture of what that looks like (from where they first found us to the time it’s taken) as well as other key metrics.

What does this dashboard achieve?

  • One of our nine company values is that “We’re welcoming and supportive to all”, this dashboard is part of how we judge how successful our candidate experience is. And one of the best ways we make sure our candidate experience is great is by making sure our teams know what’s happening.