Personal Geckoboard


I find the Geckoboard’s very handy with work, but using a few clever IFTTT plus other neat widgets here, etc. have started to also craft a dual personal/work board for my living room.

Works pretty well.

Wish there was a proper weather widget & RSS widget with pics.


@JAEberhart Thanks for sharing this with the community.

Are you tracking the arrival of your baby?. That’s super cool and not something I had seen before.



Thanks. My wife actually comments about various parts of the board all the time. Most of the time she ignores my tech projects.

I’m planning on adding a Nest temperature widget & maybe a Twitter top story feed.

P.S. Just found out it is a boy.


Hey @JAEberhart, congratulations! :slight_smile: I thought I’d followed up here sooner, but I meant to say thanks for sharing your dashboard here - it looks great - I like your use of emojis :slight_smile: