Pivotal Tracker - "My Stories" Widget inaccurate


I’m trying to create a board that displays the WIP for our team that uses Pivotal Tracker.

The best way I can think to do this is to create a widget for each team member that shows the # of user stories they have in the Started state. Theres a widget that looks like it does exactly what I want:

Unfortunately, when I run it the numbers are way off. It shows me as having 21 stories in progress, when really I just have 1. When I set it to someone that has no stories, the widget crashes.

Anyone else seeing odd numbers being reported with this widget?


Hey @Baldie, thanks for reaching out here, and sorry to hear that you’re seeing inaccurate data. I can take a look at the API query being sent and the response returned to see if that points out what the issue is. If you send a message to support@geckoboard.com with your account email I can take a look further :slight_smile: