Query a schema of a dataset


Sorry if this is an obvious thing, I don’t see it in the documentation.

I would like to query a schema (i.e. here is an endpoint, please give me the schema of this dataset).

something like:
curl https://api.geckoboard.com/datasets/sales.by_day -X GET -u ‘222efc82e7933138077b1c2554439e15:’

This doesn’t work. Does such a thing exist?

“find or create a new dataset” assumes that you already have the schema, so is not appropriate for what I want.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @greyshrike,

Thanks for your query and sorry for the delayed response!

No, it’s not possible to perform an external request for the dataset’s schema or values once it has been created.

The method to update a dataset, finding it by ID, or create a new dataset if the ID is not found, does depend on the schema being known.

That said, it is possible to replace a dataset using the PUT method and this can change the schema at the same time.

Outside of this, you can see aspects of the schema from the user interface, selecting the dataset as though to create a widget and then choosing “Preview dataset” from the menu by clicking on the dataset name in the configuration screen:

The preview will show you the data types used and the columns.