Removing value 0 from Google Sheet


I wonder how I can “remove” 0 values in a line chart built with Google Sheets?

My sheet looks like this:

And the line chart I get, when selecting both columns, looks like this (I’m only interested in plotting the bit in red):

Hi @Stephen :wave:

Funny you should ask. I was just publishing this article that explains how to remove the blanks (anything outside the red area).

I made a copy of the spreadsheet linked on your post to clarify a bit better. In my own copy, you’ll see a new “For Geckoboard” sheet where I use filter and ISBLANK to get only the columns with data and in the correct order:

I then used that data in Geckoboard to create this line chart:

Which I assume looks the way you envisage.

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Thank you @luis that’s exactly what I needed! :tada: