Request body size error


I’m having trouble getting POST to work in the node client, data which is PUT just fine will fail as invalid JSON in a POST. I’m fairly certain the JSON is correct, especially as it is PUT-able. Can you help?

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Ive discovered that it seems to be a request size thing, for some reason or another 500 items works for PUT, but only 456 items will successfully POST, the error messaging is abysmal in this case, referring only to a low-level error


Hi @kirps, thanks for reaching out about this. Can you share the error that you’re getting back? Also if you send me an email to with your account information I can check our logs further for your account. It would also be helpful if you’re able to share the payload you’re sending!

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Hi Jason,
Error is screenshotted. I am pretty positive that it’s a request size error as I
was sending 500 entries for a multi-field data set. Reducing my page size to 250
makes the code completely reliable.


Hi @kirps, thanks for following up about this! Could you send an email to with your account name? I’d like to look in our logs to find the specific instances of this error. If you’re able to it’d be helpful if you share the data that’s causing this error, too. Thanks!