Sales rep dashboard metrics

Hi all,

I’m setting up individual dashboards for each of our sales reps who are working from home right now. Has anyone else here tried this? What metrics do you share? What has / hasn’t worked? It’s something new for us so I am after advice. We will be including individual revenue targets, pipeline numbers and a team leaderboard showing sales closed this quarter.

Thanks - Calvin

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Typically our reps want to see new Leads they ran, Sales they made, & Closing %(we have found the Last 90 Days works best for us). Of course for each of those we would show what they currently have and a target/goal for each. We would also have a list of jobs that have “Issues”(ones that someone else in the company is waiting for their feedback on). And last I would include some historical data so they can compare this years #'s to those.


This is really helpful. Thanks @Mslowiak.

Do you have individual dashboards for each rep or are you sharing this on one dashboard? I wonder which is best for healthy competition. All of them looking at one dashboard or each having their own. I’m split but they have requested their own.

Anytime @calvinrtf
We have both individual dashboards and then a “Sales Totals” dashboard. Our Sales Manager has access to all and each individual Rep has access to their own. Although for some healthy competition I could see making a section of an individual’s dashboard have a key metric that included all the reps - Like Total Sales or something like that.