Seeking SaaS dashboards

Out of curiosity I’m keen to see some more examples of other SaaS company dashboards. I’d like to review ours over the next week or so and think it would be very handy to see what other SaaS companies are reporting!

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Hi @sid

Great idea starting this thread. I can share a couple of resources here that might be useful.

First is a speed run video of a Saas dashboard built using data from a spreadsheet. Key metrics covered in this example include Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), monthly signups and customer numbers.

Second is our customer Silbo’s Saas company snapshot dashboard:

This dashboard was created to give a quick overview of the company’s performance for the week including metrics around Customer Support, Product and Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) - top line financial metric. For more in-depth information on this dashboard take a look at our case study.

I would also love to see any further Saas example dashboards we have within the community so please share below (feel free to obscure numbers).


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Thanks Sam! Going to take a read of that case study now

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