Selecting specific changing cell

Hi there,

I have a Google Sheet where the total revenue value (which is the value I’d like to report on a number in Geckoboard) is currently on cell B20, but the thing is that cell will be B21 tomorrow, B22 the day after that, and so on.

Is there a way to always select the last B value regardless of its position?

Here is a screenshot (just dummy data) showing what I’ve selected in Geckoboard (B20) which hope explains the situation a bit better. Please tell me I don’t have to edit the widget every day :slight_smile:


Hi @Giulio :wave:

That’s great question and somehow a common one too.

The good news is, you won’t need to edit the widget on daily basis :wink:

Geckoboard can create dynamic visualisations that automatically update as new rows/columns of data are added to a sheet.

I went ahead and replicated the data you shared on a Spreadsheet of my own and recorded this video that I hope illustrates the solution:

Basically, you just need to select the entire column B (as opposed to selecting the specific cell -B20) and Geckoboard will permanently pick the last value for building a (Number or Gauge) visualisation. To select the entire column, you can either click on the column or type in B:B in the UI. That’s it!

On my version of your sheet as you might noticed I added a couple more cells to enter a Goal value, as I also wanted to illustrate another similar setup available on Spreadsheets, which is picking a “goal” value dynamically by choosing a cell/row/column as Goal on your sheet instead of entering the value directly.

BTW, we cover this (dynamic selection) use case as a tip, on this support article here Select data from your spreadsheet :slight_smile:

Grazie Luis. I’ve set up my numeric metric now (and included a dynamic goal too) :muscle: All sorted

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