Show Asana data on a Geckoboard dashboard

Hi everyone. We use Asana to track project tasks. I’d like to get this data on my dashboard but Geckoboard don’t support Asana. Any suggestions for an alternative route?

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While Geckoboard doesn’t have an integration with Asana yet there are a few options at your disposal. If you have access to some developer talent I think the most customisable option would be to use our Datasets API. Once you or your developers have started sending data to Geckoboard you can then start building visualisations using the Geckoboard UI without any further coding.

To get a feel for that, we include a demo Dataset on every account based on a fictitious space cargo company. Just click “Add widget” > on the connections screen search for “Datasets” > then choose and start building visualisations.

To get started on building your own Dataset:

  1. You can read a high-level overview here,
  2. Browse walk-throughs in different languages here,
  3. See the developer docs here

Alternatively, you can connect Asana to Google Sheets following the instructions here. Once it’s there just use our Google Sheets integration and start building widgets as normal.

Hey @jeff667 :wave:

Another alternative to the above options mentioned by Paul is Velocity which also uses Google Sheets. This is a simple way of getting live Asana data into a sheet that can then be displayed on a Geckoboard dashboard using our Google Sheets data source.

It does come with a cost attached, prices start from $15pm.

Hope this helps :grinning:

Thanks both. I’m looking for a quick fix and don’t have a dev on hand at the mo so I am testing out the Asana > sheets option. Though an API is a route to consider when we have some spare devs!