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Showing latest instagram post


Hi All,

I’d love to be able to show the latest Instagram photo from our company feed on our dashboard - does anybody have a method of showing this?


Instagram Widget - Latest Image Posted 📸

Hi Adam,

Whilst not in our pipeline yet, this feature is certainly on our radar.

Anyway, what you want should be possible using either our image widget or the text widget from our custom widgets API.

In both cases you would need to write a script / simple application that pulls the URL of your latest image from Instagram’s API and formats it in the way Geckoboard understands. Then push the URL/payload to Geckoboard.

Note: If you use the image widget, you’d need to provide the same URL (the URL of your app). If you use the text widget you will need to encode the image using <img>

Getting all your Instagram pictures rotating on your dashboard should be easier though as you can use the File Roulette (assuming you have a Dropbox and a IFTTT account). All you’d need to do is use this app: which will save any new photo on your Instagram on a folder in your Dropbox account. You can make that folder the File Roulette’s folder and then use the File Roulette to rotate through your images and display them on your dashboard.


Hi Luis
Thanks for getting in touch. The File Roulette option certainly works.
Ideally I would love the ability to show just the latest Instagram pic, along with the caption and phrase (maybe even number of likes too) from Instagram.
If anybody else has successfully put together the code to achieve this and is happy to share, I’m certainly all ears.
Many thanks,


Please introduce another variant of your stock Instagram widget that simply displays the last image posted to the connected Instagram account. Given that most Instagram images are square, we’d expect the latest image to render full-frame within a square widget. Thank you!