Sorting the bar chart


Hi there. I’m using the Geckoboard data-sets platform with a simple data-set of 2 columns and 12 rows. The 1st column is Employee Name and the second is a percentage. What I would like to achieve is to be able to sort the items numerically on the second column.

I’ve tried sorting the data-set before pushing it to the geckoboard API but this has no effect. It seems the default sorting is on the 1st column only and is alphabetic without any options to change what column to apply sorting to when creating the widget.

I also tried loading a google spreadsheet with identical data, and sorted the google spreadsheet itself on the second column and indeed to my surprise the sorting was also reflected in the widget.

Am I missing something when pushing the data using the API where the order of the data get’s lost?

Thanks for any insight…


Hello @S-T-H !
Thanks for posting your questions here.
From your description, it seems like you’re might be using the bar chart to display your data? If you’re looking to display the Employee names based on the percentage, you should consider using the Leaderboard widget.

Could this be what’s happening here? The bar chart will indeed display the names alphabetically so it wouldn’t work for what you’re looking to achieve.
Let me know if this helps!


Thanks for the reply!

Indeed I am using the bar chart to display our data. If I use some mock data in a google sheets as the data source, I’m able to get what I want, a bar chart with Winners and Losers sorted by percentage. In this case, I think the bar chart does a better job at visualizing the data vs a plain Leaderboard widget. See below: (usernames have been anonymized)

My issue is, If we push the exact same data using the datasets API, to an identically setup Bar Chart widget, like the one above, the widget renders with the data sorted by the 1st column.

Any reason why the datasets API does not respect the order of the data being pushed?



Hi @S-T-H,

Thanks for clarifying. The dataset’s line chart was designed to sort by 1st column (as you point out here). So technically speaking, that’s the expected behavior.

That said, I fully understand the use-case and have shared your comments with our product team. The good news is that adding sorting (to the barchart -and even the column chart-) is on our radar. The bad news is that there’s no immediate time-frame for it yet.

I’d suggest using the leaderboard visualization to keep your leaderboard sorted by the second column (unless you have a way to automatize the spreadsheet’s feed) for now.

We’ll keep you posted on any progress with the sorting for bar charts.


I did find a way to sort the data the way I like but it added complexity on own connector. What we did was prefix the employee name with a letter so the Bar Chart would sort the data-set as needed.

This is an acceptable stop-gap solution until sorting the Bar Chart becomes a reality in Geckoboard.

Cheers and thanks!