Spreadsheet refreshing rate



I have a quick question: Isn’t it really possible to change the refresh rate on spreadsheet widgets? (source is Google Sheet). I would like to update it every minute, but 10 minutes is set by default. There’s nothing I can do to modify it?

Thank you.


Hi Xavi, thanks for asking about this here :slight_smile: No, sorry, the update frequency is not configurable for the Spreadsheets integration (in fact, it is only configurable for the Salesforce integration). I’d be glad to know more about your use case and why this is important to you.


Hey jason, thanks for your reply!

We’re getting Real-Time statistics from Google Analytics via Google Scripts and we have some widgets mixed with others from other sources. It’s not a blocker but it would be awesome to have more accurate information, I just wondered if there was something we could do about that, but if it’s not possible that’s ok.

Thank you!


Hi Xavi, thanks again for asking, and for explaining why it’s important to you, though we don’t have any current plans to make Spreadsheets update more frequently.

I’m just curious, are you using the Google Analytics -> Sheets adaptor, or are you actually using the Google Script platform (a subset of Javascript)?


Hey Jason,

I’m using Google Script platform because I need to cross reports from multiple accounts (this is not supported by Google Analytics by default). Via script I can access virtually any information from Analytics API.

Regarding my problem, at the end I found a way to get the refresh rate I need, that is by pushing a JSON object from Google Scripts to a custom widget. This way I’m getting my info refreshed every minute and I also have other display options (like pie chart!). It was a bit difficult to get the correct syntax but it’s working like charm.

Pretty impressive what you guys achieved with Geckoboard, good job!


That’s actually what I was going to suggest - glad that you figured that out!

Thanks! :slight_smile: