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Tabled List widget


Hi API developers,

Firstly I would like to say thank you for building the API. It is great but unfortunately, just for certain things.
Currently there are only chart based widgets available however I am looking for something more list based.

Is something like that possible now? Are there any plans to develop something like this?
Our company is using zendesk and zendesk voice integration and would like to display list of agents as well as their availability on our geckoboard.
So Widget would look something like this:

Column1, Column2
Name1, Available
Name2, On Call
Name3, Not Available

Are there any workaround to achieve this now? If not then will there be anything developed to support such a type?

P.S. I’m talking about new Dataset API :slight_smile:



i need this too

my use case is call center widget
queue1 number_of_active_calls
queue2 number_of_active_calls
queue3 number_of_active_calls


Hi @arturs.kirsis and @cervenka, sorry my delayed reply here! :hushed: We do plan to add a table visualization but we aren’t yet sure when that will be I’m afraid. I’ll keep this thread updated with any news about it, though. As for a current work around, I don’t think it will completely suite your needs, but you could use the leaderboard widget. But as I said, this only works with two columns and sorts by the numeric column. Sorry for the inconvenience :pensive:


@arturs.kirsis, @cervenka
We’ve made a table visualisation available for the Datasets API (and Spreadsheets). I thought you might want to give it a try. You can read more at