Ways to use a dashboard remotely

Sorry to bring Coronavirus into the conversation, but I think other dashboard-users may find this helpful! We have a dashboard on a screen in the office but we’re now all working from home. I’ve shared a link to our dashboard with the team as I want them to stay in touch with their KPIs. Do you have any other ideas to encourage team members at home to keep an eye on their numbers? Thanks.

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Hi Matt, thanks for raising this as communication with remote teams is a challenge that most businesses are facing right now. Here are some other ways to keep key numbers front of mind:

  • Include the dashboard link in a Slack channel description, and in your wikis
  • Encourage your team to keep the dashboard(s) open in their browser tabs, or better still a tablet alongside their laptop
  • Take screenshots of the dashboard and share them in one of your major Slack channels or via email at a set time of day so teams come to expect them (for example, we spoke to a sales manager yesterday who’s been sharing screenshots with the team every day at 6pm)

Hope this helps and that you’re all doing well in challenging circs.


Something else you can do to share your dashboard to remote team members is use Send to TV. The Help page on this feature is here: https://support.geckoboard.com/hc/en-us/articles/206834867 The feature was initially called Send to Screen as it can be used to send data to a browser on a TV or a browser on your laptop. If the team member who you want to see the dashboard navigates to gbrd.tv they will see a code, and if they send you the code and you enter it on the Send to TV menu, the team member will then see the dashboard on their screen. Please reply to this comment if you would like more information.

If you use Slack please let us know if you would like to participate in the beta rollout of a new feature that ties Slack and Geckoboard

Cheers for the advice Mike and @Laura , and I’d definitely be interested to try out the new Slack feature.

Re the send to screen feature what would be the benefit of using that rather than just sharing the dashboard URL?

Hi Matt, maybe you can try some sales gamification tool. We use Gamifier here that connects with sales CRM for example.

There are many others too.