Welcome to Made to Measure

Welcome to Made to Measure, the Geckoboard community! It’s a place to discuss dashboards, metrics, and everything in between, to help you communicate data effectively with your team and grow your business. Whether you’re building your first dashboard and working out which metrics to track, or an experienced dashboarder looking for new approaches, you’ll find inspiration here. Join our community to ask questions, share problems, and get advice. We’d love to hear your experience.

Who’s the community for?

  • Anyone who’s considering dashboards
  • Dashboard users
  • Leaders with wider questions around dashboards, metrics, goals, and frameworks

What can you find here?
Advice and inspiration on these topics and more:

  • Selecting metrics for your dashboard
  • Building your first dashboard
  • Reiterating an old dashboard
  • Useful frameworks to consider
  • Examples of how other companies are using their dashboards
  • How to get your team invested in their dashboards

What’s so good about the Made To Measure community?

  • Speak to your peers directly to hear their experience
  • See real-life dashboard examples
  • Get inspiration on metrics and frameworks
  • Meet an interesting bunch of people!

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