Wrong x-axis labels


I’m getting wrong label on x-axis of line chart with the Mixpanel integration.

I setted the correct timezone in Geckoboard…

…and in Mixpanel.

From console I can see that the API is returning the right time, converted to my timezone…

…but yet, the labels display the default timezone :frowning:

According to the api, this 328 value should be at 1pm:

Can someone help me?


Hi! My name is Kat, and I am a member of the Customer Success team at Geckoboard. We are investigating this issue now to see if this might be a bug on our end.



Hi again! It turned out to be a discrepancy in our handling of the hours. We have deployed a fix, so if you refresh your widget, the times should now match correctly with the data in Mixpanel’s API. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, and sorry for an inconvenience!



Now it is perfect! Thank you very much!