Category Topics

Introductions & suggestions

This is the place to say ‘hi’ when you join, see our code of conduct, and give feedback on how the community is run. We’d love to get your suggestions for topics and categories too, so please pitch them here.

Dashboard examples

Browse real-life dashboard examples from other leaders to help you build and iterate yours. Better still, share screenshots of your own dashboard (with or without actual data) to get feedback from the community.

Getting your data in

Whether your data lives in a spreadsheet, your own database, or a tool like Zendesk, someone here can help you get it on your dashboard. Raise questions, search for workarounds, and share your own tips for integrating data from different sources.

Metrics & KPIs

Join our discussion on metrics, and get inspiration on what to track. We’ll explore KPI examples for different teams, different stages in a business’ lifecycle, and general tips for performance measurement. Everyone is encouraged to share questions, advice, and their own metrics.

Dashboard design

Get tips on layout, grouping, visualizations, and other dashboard design principles to help you create a dashboard that’s effective and engaging. We’ll be chatting to designers, debating the pros and cons of pie charts, and doing dashboard critiques.