Anyone else using Box to store spreadsheets?


We use Box to store and share all sorts of documents, and I’m using it to hold spreadsheets to support some Geckoboard widgets. I can go into the advanced sharing settings of a file in the Box UI to get a direct URL to it, and paste this into the custom URL field in the Geckoboard spreadsheet widgets. It works, but it would be great to see Box getting first class treatment equivalent to Dropbox and other similar file stores.


Hey @brianc, thanks for sharing what would be helpful for you :slight_smile: We’ll keep this in mind moving forward! Let us know if you come across any other features/functionality you’d like to see.


sure @jason, will do - I’ve already mentioned a couple of other things here and here. Hyperlinked widgets would be really useful.

Since posting this one about Box, I’ve realised why it would be particularly useful, above just “it would be nice if Box had equivalent handling to Dropbox”, and that is security. As it stands, I have to effectively make my Box documents public, albeit hidden behind a very obscure URL which is not exposed to search engines. In the Dropbox handling, you can enter credentials for accessing private documents. There are some documents that I would not be able to put on Box without authenticated access, so these are currently not accessible from Geckoboard.


Hi @brianc Thanks, that’s really useful feedback, and really makes sense. I appreciate you sharing that – I’ve also shared your suggestion with our product team :slight_smile: