Change widget background color based on value


I guess this is not possible. However my bosses are really interested in this functionality. I’ve been searching around but I don’t see this is possible by using a custom CSS sheet.

As an example, we need the widget to turn red when the database is down, or orange if threads are greater than a number. Green otherwise. I know there is the up/down widget but it’s not enough, furthermore they want the whole widget to turn to another color, not just the text, so it gets more visual.

There is any way that I can achieve this?

Thank you.


Hi Xavi,

I’m afraid that there isn’t a programmatic way to do this right now, but it is something that we’re thinking about implementing, as we’ve come across it before. We’re working right now on customization (theme) features, so I’m sharing your feedback with our design team to consider! If you have anything further to share, I’d be glad to pass it on.


Well, it would be also great if there could be more than just 8 columns for widgets, maybe 12. That’s another issue we step on. There’s no limitation vertically but there is horizontally. That’s all I can think of right now!


Hi @xmfreak :wave: with regards to using more than 8 columns, you might find @iDiogo’s workaround helpful.


hey @jason, is there any update on this?
we have the exact same usecase and it would be aweeesommee <3


Hi @FelixEichler, funny you should ask. We are going to start working on it next week. Would you be interested to “beta test” the feature once we have a first version? If so, please send me a DM with your email address :slight_smile:


it doesnt let me send you a private message :weary:


I think it’s because you only had one post (and we might need to revisit our “trust” policy). Can you try again? Alternatively, you can contact me at: luis at


This has been launched for our number visualisation now